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Part Manufacturer Stock China Stock Europe Stock USA
XC68HC705L1FU Motorola
XC68HC705P9CDW Motorola
XC68HC705P9CP Motorola
XC68HC705P9CS Motorola
XC68HC705P9P Motorola
XC68HC705X32CFU mot
XC68HC711CFN mot
XC68HC711E20CFU Motorola
XC68HC711P2CFN4 Motorola
XC68HC805C4FN mot
XC68HC805K3CDW Motorola
XC68HC805P18 Motorola
XC68LC302PU16B mot
XC6SLX1502FGG900I Xilinx
XC6SLX75T2FGG484C xil
XC6SLX92FTG256I xilinx
XC6SLX93CSG324C Xilinx
XC6SLX93TQG144C Xilinx
XC6VLX365T2FFG1759I Xilinx
XC735410PC44C Xilinx
XC735412PC44C Xilinx
XC7A100T1FGG484C Xilinx
XC7A100T2FTG256I xilinx
XC7K325T1FBG676I Xilinx
XC7Z0201CLG400I Xilinx
XC9128D45CARG torex
XC912D60AMFU8 motorola
XC912D60VPVE8 freescale
XC9140A331MRG Torex
XC9510820TQ100C Xilinx
XC95144XL10CS144C Xilinx
XC95144XL10CSG144C Xilinx
XC95144XL10TQ100C Xilinx
XC95144XL10TQ100I Xilinx
XC95144XL10TQ144C Xilinx
XC95144XL10TQG100C Xilinx
XC95144XL10TQG144C Xilinx
XC95144XL7CS144C Xilinx
XC95144XL7CS144I Xilinx
XC95144XL7TQ100C Xilinx
XC95144XL7TQ144C Xilinx
XC95144XL7TQG100C Xilinx
XC95144XLCSG144C xilinx
XC95288XL10BG256C Xilinx
XC95288XL10TQ144C Xilinx
XC95288XL10TQ144I Xilinx
XC95288XL10TQG144C xilinx
XC95288XL10TQG144I Xilinx
XC95288XL6PQG208C Xilinx
XC953615VQ44CF Xilinx
XC9536XL10CS48C Xilinx
XC9536XL10CSG48C Xilinx
XC9536XL10PC44C Xilinx
XC9536XL10VQ44C Xilinx
XC9536XL10VQG44C Xilinx
XC9536XL10VQG64C Xilinx
XC9536XL5PC44C Xilinx
XC9536XL5VQ44C Xilinx
XC9536XL5VQ64C Xilinx
XC9536XL7CS48I Xilinx
XC9536XL7PC44C Xilinx
XC9536XL7VQ44C Xilinx
XC9536XL7VQ44I Xilinx
XC9536XL7VQ64C Xilinx
XC9536XL7VQG44C Xilinx
XC9536XL7VQG44I Xilinx
XC9536XV7CS48I Xilinx
XC957210PCG44C Xilinx
XC957210PQ100C Xilinx
XC957215PCG44C Xilinx
XC957215TQG100C Xilinx
XC95727PQ100C Xilinx
XC9572X10TQG100C xil
XC9572XL10CVQG44AW xil
XC9572XL10PCG10C xil
XC9572XL10TQ100C Xilinx
XC9572XL10TQG100C Xilinx
XC9572XL10TQG100I Xilinx
XC9572XL10VQ44I Xilinx
XC9572XL10VQ64C Xilinx
XC9572XL10VQG44C xilinx
XC9572XL10VQG64C Xilinx
XC9572XL10VQG64I Xilinx
XC9572XL5PC44C Xilinx
XC9572XL5PC44I xilinx
XC9572XL7VQ44C Xilinx
XC9572XL7VQG64C Xilinx
XC96002RC40 Motorola
XCB56362PV100 Freescale
XCCACEM64BG388I Xilinx
XCE02045FF1152C109003 xil
XCF01SV020C xil
XCF02SVOG20C xilinx
XCF32PFSG48C Xilinx
XCF5272VF66 Motorola
XCHC912BD32CFUR2 Motorola
XCKU5P1FFVB676E Xilinx
XCM603ARX66AA mot
XCR3032PC44ACM xili
XCR3032XL10VQ44I Xilinx




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