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Part Manufacturer Stock China Stock Europe Stock USA
0402B104K100 walsin
0402B182K100CT Walsin
0402B222J250CT Walsin
0402B222K500 walsin
0402B222K500CT Walsin
0402B471K500CG walsin
0402B472K250 walsin
0402B472K500CT Walsin
0402B473K160CT Walsin
0402B822J500CT Walsin
0402G391G500SNT Capax Tech
0402N0R5C500CT Walsin
0402N101J500CT walsin
0402N101J500LT Walsin
0402N120J500LT Walsin
0402N151J500CT Walsin
0402N221K500CT Walsin
0402N271J500 walsin
0402N2R2C500NU hitano
0402N2R7C500 walsin
0402N3R9C500 walsin
0402N560G500CT Walsin
0402N560J500CT walsin
0402N681J500 walsin
0402N681J500CT Walsin
0402N7R0C500NU hitano
0402N8R2D500CT Walsin
0402WGF0000TCE multicomp
0402X104K160CT walsin
0402X393K160CT Walsin
0402YC822JAT2A AVX Corp
0402YD104KAT2A AVX Corp
0402YD104KATZA avx
040947031001 eberle
040C085A251ZY102MLA686R vishay
0430300001 Molex
043045-1018 Molex
0430450209 Molex
0430450406 molex
0430450612 Molex
0430450615 molex
0430450618 Molex
0430450806 molex
0430450815 molex
0430451215 Molex
0430452201 Molex
0430452213 Molex
043108DV002 astec
0435001KR littelfuse
0436500313 Molex
0436500616 Molex
0438003WR littelfuse
0438005WR littelfuse
0438600004 Molex
0444280401 Molex
04450726MA littelfuse
0445200002 Molex
0448125MR littelfuse
045036006201862+ kyocera
0451001MRL littelfuse
0451002MRL littelfuse
0451004MRL littelfuse
0451005MR littelfuse
0451005MRL littelfuse
0451012MRL littelfuse
0451015MRL littelfuse
0451015NRL littelfuse
0451035MRL littelfuse
0451062MRL littelfuse
0451080MRL littelfuse
0451125MRL littelfuse
0452002MRL littelfuse
0452003MRL littelfuse
0452004MRL littelfuse
0452004NRL littelfuse
0452007.MRL Littelfuse
0452375MRL littelfuse
0453004MR littelfuse
0453005MR Littelfuse
0453007MR Littelfuse
0454001MR littelfuse
0456020ER littelfuse
0458025DR littelfuse
0459004UR littelfuse
0459062UR littelfuse
0459125UR littelfuse
0460500UR littelfuse
0461002ER littelfuse
0461500ER littelfuse
046232116103800 kyocera
046240008026846+ avx
046281267202846+ kyocera
0464001 littelfuse
0464125DR littelfuse
0465063DR littelfuse
0466005 littelfuse
0466005NR littelfuse
0466125NR littelfuse
0466375NR littelfuse
0467002NR littelfuse




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