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Part Manufacturer Stock China Stock Europe Stock USA
0603N331J250CT Walsin
0603N331J500CT walsin
0603N390J160CT Walsin
0603N390J500CT Walsin
0603N3R3C500CT walsin
0603N3R9B500 walsin
0603N470J500CT walsin
0603N470J500NT bc
0603N4R7B500CT walsin
0603N561J250 walsin
0603N680J500LT Walsin
0603N820J500CT walsin
0603SAF1001T5E royalohm
0603SAF2702T5E royalohm
0603SAF3001T5E Royal
0603SAF442JT5E royalohm
0603SAJ0222T5E Royal
0603SFF250F322 Littelfuse
0603YC102KHT2A avx
0603YC103KAT2A AVX Corp
0603YC104K4T2A AVX Corp
0603YC104KAT2A AVX Corp
0603YC104KAT4A AVX Corp
0603YC273KAT2A AVX Corp
0603YC683KAT2A AVX Corp
0603ZD105KAT2A avx
0603ZD474KAT2A avx
06346402VDC hengstler
069UR1S0700B IXYS
069UR2S1000B IXYS
06MF24FT+7FT4 2e mechatronic
0703D08R01 nexus
07K5540TFT121W2W2 ibm
07MC1033300 eao
08051A220JAT2A AVX Corp
08051A680J47GEJ avx
08051C103K4Z2A avx
08051C104K4Z2A AVX Corp
08051C104M4Z2A AVX Corp
08051C223K4Z2A AVX Corp
08051C224K4Z2A avx
08051C473K4T2A avx
08052A181FAT2A avx
08052A221FAT2A avx
08053A151JAT2A AVX Corp
08053C104KAT2A AVX Corp
08053C105K4Z2A avx
08053C224JAT2A avx
08053C225K4T2A avx
08053C474KAT2A avx
08053C682KAT2A AVX Corp
08053D105KAT2A avx
08053D106KAT2A kyocera
08055A180JAT2A AVX Corp
08055A220J4T2A AVX Corp
08055A220JAT2A avx
08055A680FAT2A AVX Corp
08055A680JAT2A AVX Corp
08055C102K4T4A AVX Corp
08055C103KAT4A AVX Corp
08055C104KAT2A avx
08055C272JAT2A AVX Corp
08055C472JAT2A avx
08055C472K4T2A AVX Corp
08055C474K4Z2A AVX Corp
08055C682KAT2A AVX Corp
08055G104ZAT2A AVX Corp
08056C106KAT2A kyocera
08056D475MAT2A kyocera
0805B101K501CT Walsin
0805B103M201CT Walsin
0805B104K500 walsin
0805B104K500CT Walsin
0805B105K100CT Walsin
0805B105K250CT Walsin
0805B152K102CT Walsin
0805B222K250CT Walsin
0805B223K250CT Walsin
0805B223K500CT Walsin
0805B224K250CT walsin
0805B333J500CT walsin
0805B334K160 walsin
0805B392K250CT Walsin
0805B473K100CT Walsin
0805B823M250 walsin
0805B824K160CT Walsin
0805C560J5GAC7800 kemet
0805CG150J9BB00 philips
0805CS100XJLC coilcraft
0805F105Z160CQ walsin
0805F105Z500CQ walsin
0805F106Z100CT Walsin
0805F224Z500CT walsin
0805G331GTE Stetco
0805HS220TJL coilcraft
0805J0393T5E royalohm
0805L020YR littelfuse
0805L050WR littlefuse
0805L100WR littelfuse
0805N103G160N3 hitano



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